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Orb exim corporation (pvt.) ltd.

ORBEX is reliable and well-known as the most trustworthy FROZEN SEAFOOD IMPORTERS, EXPORTERS AND PROCESSORS among all companies worldwide.


ORBEX is prividing remarkable quality over the period of years. ORBEX has compromised in terms of its taste and its consistent great Quality.


ORBEX promises to deliver a great quality product with a great competitive price in the market that is easily affordable.


ORBEX assures to deliver standard product in terms of hygiene. It is assured that our product is delivered with standard hygiene and freshness.

Our Success story

Incorporated in 2001, Today with the grace of Almighty, ORBEX is one of internationally well reputed and prominent frozen seafood packers in Pakistan with capacity of processing 50 M. tons of seafood per day in it’s factory located in Karachi and 20M. tons per day in the factory located in Baluchistan and is fully diversified and excelled in all the divisions for processing of Fish, Crabs, Cephalopods, Shrimps and Prawns and each specie is operated separately by the teams of well experienced quality conscious professionals, who are aimed to process healthy and hygienic seafood for human consumption with the vision EXPLENDID FOOD FOR EXPLENDID BEINGS.

The key of this successful journey is priceless trust of our buyers which is due to our passion for quality along with aim towards processing of healthy and hygienic seafood and this confidence on quality strengthens our trade partners in their local markets with competitive prices.

We have history, if customer attaches with us never leaves.


punjab halal
haccp Certified


sting ray

Sting Ray


Ribbon Fish

indian mackerel

Indian Mackerel


BaiGai (Top Shell)

razor clam

Razor Clam




Blue Swimming Crab

3 spot crab

3 Spotted Crab


Loligo Squid

Freezing fish allows us to eat seasonal fish all year. Thanks to freezing technology we enjoy fish regardless of season at great prices – offering healthy nutrition for all the family.
Frozen fish and seafood can be 25% cheaper than fresh & great value for money! What’s more, its hugely extended shelf life offers year round price stability and product availability.
Fish is recommended as part of nutritionally balanced diets. Freezing allows year-round availability of fish and stops microbiological activity; including pathogens which cause food poisoning – keeping the family healthy!
Eco scientists claim that buying Frozen Seafood is good for the environment. Fresh exotic fish can be flown in daily from afar but frozen fish keeps for long periods in the freezer. This reduces your shopping trips and flights for seasonal deliveries.