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Our processing plant is situated at the fish harbour, which makes us able to process the fish right after the catching, and of course chilling the fish is specially considered as the fish is caught on the boat till delivery in the factory, we follow all major standards like HACCP etc. during the processing, sorting, freezing, packaging and storing of the Fish. We deal in both Sea Water and River Fish.
Indian Mackerel Blue Swimming Crab String Ray
String Ray Giant Trevally Bacti
Grouper White Pomfret-1 White Pomfret-2
Squid in Cm Sellar Papan Black Pomfret
Squid Frozen Grunter White Yellow Spotted Ribbon Fish
Grey Mullet Crey Fish Lobster
Octoopus Blue Crab  Loligo Squid
Baby Clam Hard Clam Blood Clam
Indian Mackerel Moon Fish  Lobster
Pangasius Pangasius Fish Fillet Sardine