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Rice Length Grader:  
Rice length graders are designed for accurate length separation and sizing of grains, seeds and other granular materials. The indent cylinder separates materials by length. The pocket lifts short material and discharges this into an inner way which conveys the material. These lifting may be discharged or spouted to another cylinder for further separations. The longer material which is not lifted is conveyed or tailed by internal baffling down the length of the cylinder. This material may also be discharged or spouted to another cylinder for further separations.
Rice Bucket Elevators:
Precision sizer is designed for sizing granular products into two or more fractions. Bucket elevators are used for swift and efficient transportation of a bulk of commodity through short distances. We manufacture rice bucket elevators for rice processing industries, which have been used in conjunction with other utilities such as rice pre-cleaner, rice destoner, and rice length grader.
Rice Destoner:
Rice destoner is used for separating stones from rice during rice processing. The motors used with the rice destoner machine can operate for hours without getting stopped.
Paddy Separator:  
This machine is used for separating pure rough rice from mixtures. It has a strong adaptability to seriously mixed materials.
White Rice Plan Sifter:
This machine can shift milled rice efficiency and accurately into several classes like head rice large broken, medium broken, small broken, etc. It has 4 to 5trays.  
Silky Polisher:  
The water mist is provided from the backside of hollow shaft. An eccentric cam roll rotates in the center of the chamber; the feed is compressed & expanded. The friction occurs & causes the removal of sticking layer of Bran from the rice. The degree of milling can be controlled by a counter weight provided at the outlet of rice.  The rice received after polish will have very smooth polished surface, shining and will look like the pearls.  
Colour Sorter:
The series of optical sorting machines are used for operational flexibility & define the shade of colour of the grain, as well as the size of the offending spot. Its computer based monitoring system allows online tracking.